Once you decide on your corporate branding (see branding post), the goal is to fuse this branding successfully together with your identity. A strong identity helps reinforce your brand image. Your identity says, “we are here to stay”.

Or as we like to call it: Eye-Dentity

Perhaps you’re getting the feel of what we know to be important: discerning your identity through visually stimulating design work. Your marketing pieces should not only convey your identity, but burn an image in your client’s mind whenever they consider your industry.  Ensuring that your branding and identity work together as a successful team is paramount to your corporation’s focused direction and inevitable success.

Where branding is the promise you make to your customer, identity helps your customer  trust in your brand.

  • Branding = Promise
  • Identity = Trust

As with branding, the nucleus of your identity is your logo. It unites all aspects of your future marketing items from the ground floor and up within your corporate structure. This uniform symbol should be the most considered piece of marketing.

BENT Digital realizes the importance of letting your identity come to life through a logo. The consistent use of a logo in all media keeps everything solid, even when a corporation ventures to try something new.

BENT Digital has been the experienced marketing tool many corporations have used over the last two decades. We continue to work through all cross media in order to ensure that your Branding and Identity work together, building the valued trust between you and your consumer.

“Wise men put their trust in ideas, not in circumstances.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


Author: BENT


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