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Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Blogger, Pinterest, LinkedIn…how does one keep up? It’s BENT Digital’s prerogative to do just that.

The corporate world has charged forward into a new realm of social communication. What happened to a handshake making that very valuable first impression?

At BENT Digital, we feel that first handshake is still crucial. It just comes in many different forms. We understand that today’s market is online and that your client’s first glimpse of you could be through a computer monitor rather than across a boardroom table.

One great factor about social media is that it keeps your client up-to-date on your corporation’s action in the marketplace at your discretion. You are free to post, update, refresh, visualize and put your best foot forward with thought and precision through your social media devices. It also helps you keep track of what is being said about your firm and allows you time to correct, if needed. Better yet, it allows you to make informed moves and post your reaction to client feedback; a true action/reaction relationship with your customer.

Your media site can be the perfect invitation to engage your client on a personal level, from across the world and at their convenience, at any given time zone. And this means a wider audience on a global scale. You are literally  chatting and “meeting” with many people all within one given moment.

Let social media help you get personal and greet thousands of clients at the same time. Now that’s something a handshake can’t do.


Author: BENT


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