Why Marketing Dollars Matter

You’ve beent thinking about this first date for months. You finally found the nerve to ask this person to dinner and they agree. Before meeting at the restaurant, your palms are sweaty. You arrive a little early and find your place at the reserved table. You check your watch and see that it’s slightly passed the hour. Will they show up? Are you a fool to raise your hopes?

Your date arrives and sits across from you. You find yourself feeling relieved that you weren’t stood up. Should you order finger food? Definitely not spaghetti. Too messy. Too risky.

Your date is impressive. Stunning, in fact. The conversation flows easily. You’re clicking. You have much in common. It is a success and you’re glad you didn’t order the garlicky appetizer in hopes of a goodnight kiss.

Take a moment to visualize how you see yourself in the above scenario. How are you dressed? In a freshly pressed, clean outfit? Your hair…is it brushed, finely kept? What shoes are you wearing?

How well do you think this evening will end if you showed up in a shirt with stains on it, wrinkled? Your shoes dirty and soiled with the laces untied. Your hair greasy, unwashed, messy. When the bill comes, you count nickels and dimes on the table top instead of confidently laying down the appropriate form of payment.

First impressions matter. All impressions matter. And in business, even more so. Just like a first date, you have one chance to put your best foot forward.

And that is why marketing dollars matter.

“A great business success was probably never attained by chasing the dollar, but is due to pride in one’s work.” -Henry Doherty

At BENT Digital, we deal with all sorts of budgets…from the entrepreneur first starting out with minimal dollars to high-end corporations with quality budgets and spending accounts. We understand that wherever you are in your business career, marketing is a necessity. And it has to work within your budget responsibly.

One thing is for certain, and we’ve seen enough to know. Successful marketing, well-designed marketing, sharp imagery…works. A hand-crafted or rookie brochure done on someone’s home computer speaks volumes. But not the volumes you welcome.

BENT Digital prides itself on forming a long-term relationship with its client. We want to invest in you as a long-term client. Working with us to decide the best way to spend your limited (or limitless) marketing dollar can be the first confident step you take on the path to your corporate success.

“Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.” -Jack Welch



Author: BENT


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