Event buzz

In the over-stimulating environment of a trade-show, how does one:

  • “Stand up and be counted”
  • “Stand above the rest”
  • “Stand out from the crowd”
  • “Make a difference”

These age-old cliches add pressure to being a visionary master in a room filled with your competition.

We at BENT Digital prefer to quote Monty Python:

“You’re all unique! You’re all individuals!”

One aspect of human nature is in your corner. We are visual creatures programmed to direct our attention to visually pleasing and stimulating sights. How has BENT used this fact to make ourselves an industry leader in the tradeshow market?

We attract quality attention to your corner of the tradeshow world.

The key word in the above sentence is quality. We recognize that you need to set measurable objectives in order to make your tradeshow investment a true success. Attracting hoards of the wrong kind of people can be a barrier to your success. If you define your needs to who you want visiting instead of how many, you will have a more productive show.

This may mean pre-show email blasts or campaigns that get your consumer seeking you out in a room full of competitors. Perhaps a digital animation that displays your newest product. Just as there are many fishing lures for specific types of fish, there are many media tools for different marketing needs.

BENT Digital accepts this challenge with vigor and excitement on behalf of our clients because this is what we do best. And we love the opportunity for our true skills to shine. Not only do we focus on sharp imagery that has been researched to draw attention, but we also focus on strategy and collecting the key players around your display.

We thrive on seeing our clients build future relationships right there on the tradeshow floor.


Author: BENT


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