What’s the deal with WordPress?


Some of you are questioning why BENT Digital has modified its site to WordPress. Here are BENT Digital Media’s top 5 reasons to consider converting:

1. Stay Current

Anyone on your marketing team can make changes and update clients easily and efficiently. This keeps your visitors current on what’s new with your business.

2. Connectivity

A WordPress site can connect to all of your social media sites. One upload is all you need to update all media feeds.

3. Search Engine Maximization

The more content you feed your site, the stronger hits you’ll get on search engines

4. It Goes Both Ways

Instead of just an information site, you now can build a two-way communication site. Chat it up, share information, keep it open!

5. Creative Spark

It’s all about Creativity at Bent. WordPress helps inspire you to communicate more creatively. Once designed properly, your WordPress site can be your corporation’s best hang-out with your clients.


Author: BENT