About Our Team

BENT Digital Media’s ambition is to grow our clients into leaders of their industry. We thrive on our design work getting you noticed.

The most advanced design tools and software programs allow BENT to execute our full range of creativity. Unique and individual to your identity, BENT helps shape and determine the sharpest corporate image to which your audience is drawn. It’s these images that keep BENT’s content and quality at the top of our field. Our reward? The great feedback we continue to hear again and again and again. Designing since 1999, BENT Digital invites you to welcome us as part of your marketing team.

A little about us…

jer_avatar_picJeremy Green – Creative Director / Operator

Jeremy Green left a successful career as a full-time performing and touring musician to follow his passion for the arts industry. He felt that this industry was on the cusp of vast changes due to a new communication called the internet.

After graduating with honours from one of the first colleges to offer a program dedicated to computerized graphic design, he was hand-picked to start working in Toronto for a high-end advertising and publishing company. After years of experience within the world of marketing, he had a vision to bring these elite, quality services to the corporate world on a more convenient scale; to offer top design to any sized corporation without contract commitment from the big agencies. Since the start of his company in 1999, he is proven to be one of the best in the area and in demand not only in the GTA, but now throughout North America. He continues to offer competitive rates, yet his work stands parallel to that of high-priced agencies.

Jeremy continues to display an exceptional perception of the constant and modern changes within the design industry that keep his images fresh and cutting edge.

When Jeremy isn’t in the design studio, you’ll find him in his music studio where he composes and records his own songs; his guitar abilities receiving a spotlight in Guitar Player magazine. His best design work is often noted when he is able to fuse his two passions (visual and sound) into one project.

Jeremy has reflected on how his passion for art and music kept him out of trouble during his youth. In doing so, he always looks for ways to pay back to this creative world that has gifted him with a successful career. His Live Music fundraising effort, “Guitars Not Guns”, helped raise enough money to distribute 32 Fender guitars to youth. He continues to instruct and give back to music enthusiasts by way of his guitar blog, Six String Obsession, which helps 100,000+ virtual students learn through his expertise.

Tracey Rempel – Project Manager

After graduating from Broadcast Journalism with honours in 1992, Tracey worked in the audio visual industry for a number of years; both with TV Documentaries such as “Shadows of War, Faces of Peace”  and Corporate Presentations and Imaging. Since BENT Digital’s conception in 1999, Tracey  has put her efforts into the world of design and marketing where her expertise with organization and project management have proven to be formidable assets to any marketing team. Her passion to help problem-solve and create solutions through all forms of marketing and media is a trait clients have come to depend on throughout the years. Fighting for the most competitive rates, Tracey helps execute your design to any print, web or media format.

Because of Tracey’s background in the media world and her on-going publications in numerous magazines, clients find Tracey’s fact and proof-checking abilities powerful tools when executing their own marketing profiles.

Outside her hours at BENT Digital Media, Tracey is a certified coach through the Ontario Cycling Association. When she’s not competing in Mountain Bike events,  Tracey coaches adult and youth riders at all levels.


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