Logos and Identity

logosWhy do corporations put so much stock into the creation of their corporate logo? For instance, why did Pepsi pay $1 Million dollars for the redesign of theirs? After all, isn’t it just an image?

At BENT Digital Media, we know a lot about what goes into the design and research of corporate branding. What’s that saying? She’s not just another pretty face? Well, a logo is not just a few shapes and colours put together randomly to see what looks attractive on paper. When BENT Digital creates a logo, a lot of standards, statistics and data are at play.

For instance, the after-image of purple, when your eyes look away, is mould green which is why this is never used on food packaging. A tall, thin logo may work well on some marketing applications, but would not transfer well in areas where it needs to appear with other logos. Sarif fonts have less readability from a distance.  Yellow inks fade in the sun, which won’t work well when you want to post a transit ad or billboard. There are many, many considerations when we discuss and create the beginnings of your corporate image that must stand not only the test of time, but all marketing vehicles on which it will travel. Trusting a graphic design specialist is a positive first step for any corporation looking to succeed with its marketing platform.

We have yet to bill out $1 million dollars for the design of one corporate logo! In fact, at BENT Digital, we understand that start-up costs are a hard hit for any company looking for logo creation. Discussing your company’s logo creation is just the beginning of our main objective: a long-term, working relationship.